Brazilian Jazz

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I equate this music with the sultry ambiance and fire of a Sarasota sun off shore just as the peaceful blanket of nightfall enter ones life.(Karl Stober) Minh'alma Nua (My Nude Soul) The music of Minh' Alma Nua opens up vistas of beauty with colors and textures resulting from Holz's smooth singing, a string section, Romero Lubambo's guitars, Gilson Schachnik's and Rebecca Cline's pianos, Jose Pienasola's bass and Paulo Braga's drums. With complete command of phrasing and timbre, Holz works through hard sorrow on Freud Explica (Freud Explains) and projects both vulnerability and determination during Segredos De Laetitia (Laetitia's Secrets). His voice radiates a poignant tension amidst the surprising blend of rambunctious drums and sweet strings on Outro Outono (Another Autumn). The joy-plus-ache that his vocals carry on the infectious, melodious number Diaspora Brasileira (Brazilian Diaspora) makes for a perfect fit emotionally with the guitar expositions. These and all of Holz's other song performances are at once pristine and sensual. Radiant innocence often masks harsh reality in his arresting prose.  ( Karl H. Stober )



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