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Your website used to open with your music playing ... and I have used that fact in my Music Mailing to friends to get them to hear you here ... and then HEAR you! It doesn't happen any more and we have to go to click on music and can only play one song at a time. This seems a bad change as it does not support people listening to all your music ... and getting marvelously 'hooked' like me. Just a thought? And as always ... more please! Campbell
Was a beautiful surprise to see this side of yours, Fernando! Very soothing voice, and your lyrics realy tell about our dual relationship with our Brazilian roots nourished by a new soil in the United States of America, giving birth to new branches bearing a exquisite hybrid of music,food,people and a way of life. Congratulations to this acomplishments
Fernando Wonderful o seu site! Que delicadeza, leveza tao proprio do sonho do musico brasileira que sabe criar, encantar e improvisar. Voce é otimo! Deus esta feliz em ser seu amigo! God Bless you. Thank you so much em nome da arte brasileira. Te esperamos para a entrevista na nossa Radio 650 Super abraço. Natividade Peereira. Boston, 19/01/2013.
Hi Fernando, good to hear you at teh Acton Jazz Cafe recently. Let's get together soon and talk about songwriting!
You have a wonderful website. Please check out mine. http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
wonderful to come across you
Fernando...when are playing at Sculler's Jazz Club? Send them a demo..you're so amazing!
Fernando, como faco para ver os silva?????? abraco Dauro
i was in os silva na america your song os silva na america was really good
Yeah Fernando!! Plaesure to hear your songs! Nice, very nice...
I enjoy Brasilian music very much!
Gosh, I didn't know we had such a talented person working with us...wonderful music and lyrics! Bravo Fernando!
You guys are awesome!!!
My Nude Soul reminds me what music is, what it's for, what it can do. It is the antidote to a gray November day. I've listened about 20 times now and each song is wonderful, complete in its own right, surprising. Many are so good at hinting at what is to come, what is unsaid musically, the negative space so rarely really heard in music, making each listen more rewarding for its expectation. Thank you and please make more!
Grande Fernando. Tá lembrado de mim ainda? hehehe teu ex roomate. Bom, voltei para o Brasil ja faz um ano, estou em Santa Maria mas me mudando para Sapiranga ou Dois Irmãos, ali ao lado da tua terrinha. Sempre que da eu escuto teu CD aqui pelos pampas. :D Espero que estejas tudo bom contigo e tua familia. Escreve quando der. Um grande abraço tche
Fernando, We saw you at the Acton Jazz Cafe Friday night. You all are fabulous musicians. You blew us away. Can't wait to see you all again !!!!!!! GAIL & JIM
Very interesting website. :) Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.
I mirror myself in types of work like yours. Congratulations on this beautiful work.
why do this site is only in English? even the lyrics of the music you sing in Portuguese are shown in English! Sinceramente prefiro o bom portugues. um abraçao! (tudo sem acentos porque ai iria aparecer com uns caracteres esquisitos)
All the best. looks nice! useful information.
Amazing site. super color scheme. interesting site.
desculpa a bobagem anterior. Ouvi as musicas e achei otimas.
fernando, estive visitando a tua pagina e me sobrou uma pergunta: so posso ouvir no formato mp3, no teste do site? eu sou aquele visitante na casa do lazaro, no aniversario da fernanda (ainda estou aqui, na casa da laura)
Fernando. I loved your concert at Umass in Fall River. What a pity that more people didn't get to enjoy it. I hope to catch you again soon. (I'm a fanatic fan of Brazilian music and good friends with Dario Borim.) Um abraco, Riquinho